Netizen reacts toward never-ending Marcos protests

A netizen gave her reaction regarding the never ending Marcos-related protests using her Facebook account saying why does people do the protest only now.

Erin Ko captured the interest of the netizens when she published her opinion regarding the unlimited blabbering of anti-Marcos on November 19.

Ko emphasized that people may have late reaction and never did a thing to stop the possibility of burying the late President Ferdinand Marcos before the President Rodrigo Duterte took his seat as the president.

“Where the f*ck was all the outcry when the Aquinos, after taking power when the Marcoses fled the country after the People Power revolution, decided to divvy up many of the confiscated lands and properties among their own cronies, further perpetuating the abuse of power they claim to be correcting and depriving farmers of the chance to earn a decent livelihood? Dahil ba na si Cory yung manok nyo noon?” Ko said in her post.

Erin also said that the fault was in the account of people since they never did an early move to propose a law depriving the late president to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani wherein fact, the people has a lot of time before.

“Where was the outcry when Ramos was elected president, when valid claims of him cheating by Miriam Santiago came to the fore, when Ramos was LITERALLY THE PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY CHIEF, of the unit responsible for arresting and torturing majority of the Martial Law victims. Where is the outcry NOW, when Ramos is literally being treated today like he's allowed to have a fucking opinion on anything. Was it because his presidential term was marked by a period of economic progress? Is that why you think he should be given a pass? You mean like a lot of the Marcos supporters who enjoyed economic prosperity during his reign and therefore also gave him a pass for his horrible atrocities? Or naka-move on na kayo kay Ramos?” the netizen said in curse.

Erin pointed out that people are fussing over the Marcos burial yet they couldn’t notice how Ramos and Aquino distorted the Philippine History books when they cleared their name in the anomalies they were linked to.

At the end of her post, she summed up that the burial of Marcos became the result of the ignorance of legislators who didn’t do a thing except to sat down and put their names in the safe side of the story.

“And now - ironically, hysterically, blissfully - we only choose to stage a protest NOW, at this point in time where we have the LEAST power to accomplish anything worthwhile. PUT*NGINA, INANNOUNCE NA NGA NI DUTERTE NOON PA NA ILILIBING NYA SI MARCOS PERO MAY GUMALAW BA? SINABIHAN NA NGA TAYO E. Aanhin pa ang damo, kung LITERAL NA PATAY NA ANG DAMBUHALANG KABAYONG TO,” Erin emphasized.

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The said post reached 14000 reactions from netizens and shared by 6067 people.

Read full Erin Ko's Facebook post below:

[Source: Erink Ko]