Presidential Sister Jocellyn Duterte to VP Leni Robredo: Naive and bordering to ignorance

After tendering her resignation from her cabinet post, VP Leni Robredo receives a lot of condemnation from President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters.

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte slammed Robredo in a post she published in her Facebook account on December 6 saying that Leni decided to run for the vice presidency for she was pressured by the liberal party.

"When Leni Robredo decided to run for the vice presidency, that decision was born not out of a desire to go into public service, she was pressured by the liberal party capitalizing on her late husband's sterling legacy," Roa Duterte said.

The presidential sister also wonder if VP Leni knows what she is doing since she lack experience in public service and even her little knowledge how the political system works.

Jocellyn also narrated that she call recall during the election campaign period that if her brother will win, leni said that she will resign. But out of hypocrisy, Leni didn't resign from her post and even had the guts to accept the cabinet position offered by the president himself.

"Winning the vice presidency, your priority should be with the people you promised to serve and no the opposition party of which you think you owe your loyalty and utang na loob," Jocellyn said in her last statement.

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