Robredo says she’s ready to be the opposition’s voice

Vice President Leni Robredo described herself as unifying force and unifying voice as she stands as the leader for the opposition party to the highly popular administration with a purpose to gather voices of dissent to compel President Duterte to listen to the anxieties of the Filipino people over his policies.

“I think there’s not one person bringing all of us together and so I think that would be who I want to be in the next few days: to be the unifying voice of all those who have expressed either disgust or opposition to the policies of this administration,” Robredo said in a forum with Philippine Daily Inquirer on Thursday, December 8.

Right after Robredo tendered her resignation from her post as housing secretary on Monday, both supporters and analysts have expressed her expected role which is to become the opposition head.

With confidence, Robredo expressed her gesture embracing the role of the opposition leader.

She said it is very important that she will be very vocal in the issues she feel so passionate about and talk to more people who feel the same.

Robredo also seemed to observe that people are contagious in showing their anger but still remains unheard because of the absence of a leader.

For her, the challenge is how to encourage people to be bold in expressing their voice. It is a plus for her because she isn’t afraid and she believes that it is worth all the risk.

On the other hand, Robredo said she is supportive of the passage of a freedom of information law and putting an end to contractualization.

The vice president also elaborated that being the leader of the opposition doesn’t mean it is equivalent to oust the President.

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“If you ask me, I have no dreams of becoming President. I think if we would have another upheaval, our situation would only become worse. What we only want is [for the President] to listen to us. What we want is for him to recognize why we don’t like certain [policies]. Dissent should not be equated to ouster,” Robredo said.

[Source: Inquirer]