Sass Sasot lauds Duterte’s humanity

Amidst the unstoppable protests on the hero’s burial given to the late President Ferdinand Marcos and pointing out that the President Rodrigo Duterte is accountable for it, there are also people who are unstoppable to support him.

Sass Rogando Sasot highlights the consideration and good deeds of President Rodrigo Duterte to two people in her Facebook post on Sunday, December 4.

In a photo she uploaded, she entitled it as “Duterte & Two Burials.”

Sasot narrated two scenarios of people whom the President allowed to be laid to rest.

“In 2015, Mayor Duterte allowed a Hero’s burial for Leoncio Pitao in Davao City.Pitao joined the NOA in the late 70’s to join the armed struggle against Marcos’ regime. It was a proper hero’s burial. His body was paraded all over the city, with thousands of his supporters joining the funeral march,” Sass narrated.

Saot also pointed out that the President allowed a soldier’s as well as ex-president’s burial which was the total opposite of Pitao’s burial.

“In 2016, President Duterte allowed a soldier’s and ex-president’s burial at the LNMB for Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos burial wasn’t like Pitao’s hero’s burial. Marcos burial was private and didn’t share the same gravitas and public admiration as the burial of Pitao,” Sass said.

At the end of her post, Sass boldly challenged the people to reflect on and appreciate the good deeds of Duterte which she considers a complexity of his humanity.

For her post, she used the hashtag #MyRaisedFist4Duterte as her sign of admiration and support to the president.

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The said post reached 1,100 reaction in just an hour.