WATCH: Crime rate in Quezon City declines within Duterte’s 100 days of Presidency

Robbery. Hit and run. Theft. These are the incidents reported at least thrice a week in Quezon City before the Duterte Administration came to power.

In a video uploaded in Mocha Uson Blog facebook page, an improvement of the recorded crime incident was featured and highlights the effort of the President Rodrigo Duterte to curb criminalities.

According to Punong Barangay Mari Rodriguez, there were one to three incidents of theft, robbery, riding in tandem cases every week occurred in his area of jurisdiction, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City.

Punong Barangay Victor Bernardo of Culiat, Quezon City added that people before were not afraid to commit crime as well as they took for granted the sanctions of the crime they did since they do not fear anyone.

“Actually, sa mga na identify na suspect, 80% sa kanila ay related sa illegal na droga,” Culiat emphasized.

However, these two punong barangays felt change when President Duterte took the presidential seat. As mentioned in the video, crime rate went down to 49% were reported.

“The president keeps on asking me if we are safe now, so I said yes. It’s been only months since he was seated as the president, now our record for akyat bahay went to zero,” Rodriguez mentioned.

Barangay Laging Handa Chairman also added that the decline of crime rate was dramatic in sense.

Meanwhile, Punong Barangay Culiat also said he only felt change when Duterte became the President. “Pero sa pamumuno ng president ngayon, hindi pinupulitika ang mga bagay. Sino ba naman ang hindi susuporta sa nagulo na ang dedikasyon at sa maikling panahon ng panunungkulan eh marami na siyang nagawa kumpera sa mga nagdaang administrasyon,” he said.

The two barangay chairmen challenged every people to be one with the president because he is now the main agent for change.

Rodriguez highlighted that the Philippine National Police has a stronger relationship and partnership now with the people because there is a directive coming from the president.

He also added that these efforts to fight crime especially war on drugs is for the welfare of everyone.

One by stander also said in the video “ I can walk now in the streets to visit my friend even at night, because I feel safe now, I think it’s Duterte power.”

The said video reached 37,164 reactions from netizens.