Wounded soldiers in Mindanao receive early Christmas gifts from President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte gave brand new cellphones and cash as an early Christmas gift for the wounded soldier in Zamboanga City on December 17.

Together with their families, the wounded soldiers went to visit them at the Armed Forces of thr Philippines' Western Mindanao Command Headquarters in the City.

In an interview during his visit, the President deciphered to the media that he handed in money and cellphones to the soldiers.

"Just to ease up their pain and their suffering. Kagaya ng trabaho ko is to visit them tapos magbigay ng koning pera at mga baging cellphone nila," the President said.

Duterte emphasized that soldiers should be taken care of by the government since they are putting their lives on the line to protect the Filipino people.

"We should take care of our soldiers. They are giving up their lives for this republic," Duterte said to the reporters.

With an order from the President, the military force intensified its operations against the Abu Sayaf Grouo and Maute Group in Mindanao.

A member of the Philippine Army's Scout Ranger Battalion was killed earlier this month while conducting operations against Maute Group while soldiers have been wounded since the operation was launch against the villains.

[Source: GMA Network]