Antonio Contreras to Loida Lewis: You are not an ordinary OFW

Political analyst Antonio Contreras slammed Loida Lewis on her stand that she's just a lowly OFW who's voice need to be heard.

In his facebook post published on January 9, Contreras pointed out that Loida tries to justify herself as she intervene in the politics since she bears a dual citizenship.

"I would like to tell you Loida, you are not an ordinary OFW. An ordinary OFW is not a dual citizen like you," Contreras emphasized

The avid Duterte supporter added an ordinary OFW has no political connection which is the opposite of her situation.

"And when ordinary citizens express their politics, it is not to protect any selfish political interest," he added.

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Contreras emphasized that OFWs do not organize groups that would discredit and oust the President.