WATCH: Bangladeshi driver says Duterte is his no. 1 President

A video of a conversation between an OFW and Bangladesh driver went viral as they exchange thoughts about well-known personalities in the Philippines.

The 2:23 minutes video was uploaded by Arman C. Gavino who resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on January 7.

The caption says “Ibang klase din itong Bangladeshi driver na ito. Updated na sa politics natin, updated pa sa lovelife ni Kris Aquino!”

According to the Bangladeshi driver, he considers Duterte as the number 1 president in the country.

“Duterte is my # 1 president because he was able to solve drugs,” said by the Bangladeshi when asked about Duterte.

Meanwhile, the driver emphasized Leila De Lima is a 65 years old drug model and she’s a shame to our country because at the bottom line, she’s a senator.

Watch The Video:

“For me, Mar Roxas is a big problem, so many anomalies during his term. Also, Binay is very corrupt, isn’t it that Jojo Binay is Kris Aquino’s love interest?” the driver further said.