Contreras on opposition's trolls: It is only armed with their anonymous cowardice

Political analyst Antonio Contreras said in his column the Robredo trolls declaring war is armed only with their anonymous cowardice.

In the said article published in Manila Times on January 19, the constant Robredo's critic emohasized that trolls are paid while being used to defend a politician who can be a Vice President or a Senator through providing statements that could discredit the other party.

"This is precisely the main weapon of Robredo trolls populating the internet to accuse people like Mocha Uson, Sass Sasot, RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy, Krizette Laureta Chu and all others who they perceive defending the President and are critical of Robredo as paid or BAYARAN," Contreras said.

He also added that he already has an experience being bashed or attacked by Leni's trolls.

Antonio emphasized they are being called bayaran but they never hide their faces away because they are human enough to be responsible for their words.

"We take responsibility for our words. We are lawyers, doctors, graduate students and writers. Our boldness to be morr revealing in our social media progiles is eveidence that we are confident not only about our minds bug also our physicality,"Antonion said.

On the other hand, the critic said he pity Leni somehow for resorting into a lame solution which is to pay trolls to defend her.

Contreras on his final note stressed that a President wanna be should not pay army trolls.

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"One who is ready to become a president would not resort to trolls and whose best argument is to assault us with the trite allegation that we are paid operators and Marcos loyalists."