Contreras reveals Robredo's alleged refusal to help a rape victim

Political Scientist Antonio Contreras narrated a story about how Vice President Leni Robredo once refused to help a rape victim in 2014.

In his column published under Manila Times, Contreras said the victim is a daughter of an RTC judge approached Leni who was a house representative back then.

"Her refusal allegedly stemmed from her being a mother and a woman. Since Robredo was already barred from taking up cases as she was a sitting member of the house of representatives, she referred the case to another lawyer," Contreras added.

On the other hand, a blogger published an article with a pseudonym LilacSunsets entitled "An axe to grind," and later on renamed to "A plagiartist, a madman" who was a pro hatchet Robredo

"Robredo is a lawyer. She should know that the mere act of the woman approaching her for legal assistance already binds her to the ethics of her profession," Antonio emphasized.

The analyst added that VP's trolls should realize that many people despise Robredo because of her other personality.

[Source: The Manila Times]