De Lima says PNP is the “most organized criminal group”

President Rodrigo Duterte’s number one critic Senator Leila de Lima labeled the Philippine National Police (PNP) as the “most organized criminal group” in the country in her statement on January 30.

“The moment Duterte turned the PNP into a vigilante death squad, its transformation into an organized criminal syndicate has been completed,” De Lima said.

The lady senator emphasized the PNO under the Duterte administration can now be considerd as the most organized criminal group in the country.

“When you speak of organized crime in the Philippines, you speak of the PNP under Duterte,” De Lima added.

Leila released the said statement after President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that 40% of the police are corrupt to core.

The President, in a press conference in Malacañang past midnight of Sunday, also announced that his anti-drug war would be extended up to the last day of his term in 2022.

This statement from the president caused the lady senator to blast against him saying “This is why I continue to worry about the state of the President’s mental health. He displays signs of cognitive dissonance not only in his carefree monologues but worse, also in his official pronouncements.”

“And, as the kidnapping of the Korean shows, these criminal acts won’t be limited to drugs, as we have predicted, but will definitely expand to other police ‘cottage industries’ like kidnap-for-ransom and business shakedowns,” the senator said.

De Lima was pointing out to the death of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo who was abducted by anti-drug operatives last October 18 and later killed inside the PNP headquarters at Camp Crame.

“We can no longer distinguish between the truth and the lies when this government speaks from the podium. All of this of course is part of the so-called ‘gaslighting’ strategy of feeding the population with lies they want to believe while exerting control over the people through more lies,” De Lima concluded.

[Source: Inquirer]