Indonesian netizen says Indonesia want Duterte to be their president

Social media as a new platform for information is indeed a powerful source.

An Indonesian netizen said she would want President Rodrigo Duterte amidst the criticisms he receives from the opposition group.

Erdini Firdiansyah, left a comment on a video posted by AJ+  that Indonesia needs a president like Duterte to curb the corruption on December 30, 2016.

“The number of corruption in Indonesia is still in the top 5 , in the world. So Philippines, if you don't want him, we (Indonesians) want to have him here,” Firdiansyah said in her comment.

In a screenshot photo uploaded by Krizette Laureta Chu, an avid supporter of the President, Erdinid’s comment gained 1,200 likes.

President Duterte has been famous all over the world because of his war on drugs and different government reforms.