Japan Prime Minister Abe promises $8.7B investments for drug war in Ph

A sum of $8.7 billion has been pledged by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his state visit in the Philippines.

The said amount includes business opportunities, private investments, speedboats and other anti terrorism equipment after Philippines has strengthen its ties to China.

According to Abe, the help he pledged was in light of the arbitral award referring to the Philippines' victory in an arbitration ruling declaring China's claims to the West Philippine Sea invalid.

However, Abe said "the issue of the South China Sea is linked directly to regional peace and stability and is a concern to the entire international community."

The purpose of his two-day state visit is to strengthen relations with the Philippines which efforts to get close with Russia and China has been evident for the past few months.

Philippines is Abe's first stop in ahis official business to visit four natons to boost Japan's rrade and security engagements despite China's rise to dominate Asia.

After Philippines, he will later on proceed to Australia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Together with the Prime Minister is his wife and a busimess delegation.

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Japan pledged to help the country to fight illegal drugs through establishing treatment programs and improve facilities as mentioned by Abe.

[Source: Japan Today]