Japanese Anime featuring the President Rodrigo Duterte entitled ‘El Presidente’ goes viral

A teaser of a Japanese Anime featuring the President Rodrigo Duterte went viral all over a social media platform.

This video clip was entitled El Presidente which touches the accomplishments of the President within his six months in the office.

The said animated video presents his war on drugs, policy reforms, ties with other countries, and solving criminalities inside our country.

Caricatures of PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa, president’s number 1 critic Se. Leila De Lima, and  Donald Trump were also in the video.

“I would like to thank the creator of this anime either he/she is a filipino or a japanese or whatever his/her nationality was. Its gonna be a fun anime I think,” a netizen reacted to the video.

A netizen named Junix Arcega Salinas also said the video made him realize that Duterte is the best thing happened to our country.

Meanwhile, Deones Raniel emphasized “Mabuti pa ibang lahi gusto c uterte dto sa atin putik mga ibang pinoy.. gusto kasi nila yong pres.”

The  Japanese Anime is allegedly available in different anime sites. However, the sites are not yet named.

Watch The Video:

79000 netizens reacted to this clip while 45,1666 people shared.

[Source: 101 Anime]