Japanese PM Abe tries Philippines’ durian and suha with President Duterte

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tasted the Philippines’ best durian and suha during his visit in Davao City, January 13.

In a video uploaded by ABS-CBN, the Prime Minister together with the President Rodrigo Duterte are both eating the said Davao’s wonder fruits.

A footage of the Prime Minister pointing Durian was shown signified his excitement to eat and taste the famous durian.

The leader even gave a thumb up to what he just tasted.

Netizens praised the Prime Minister. Rofel John Oniola said “This is what we should do....offer what we have...do not pretend to be somebody if your not...at the end of the day makita ng visita natin na tayo ay totoong tao at sincere walang halong kaplastikan.this is what our president clear message to all of us.”

Watch The Video:

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Another Netizen named Sheena Castro emphasized that Abe is exceptional since he is true to himself and he is very humble.