Manila City Mayor Estrada says Ph would be a “Narco State” now if Duterte isn’t the President

Former president as well as elected Mayor of Manila City, Hon. Joseph “Erap” Estrada emphasized his support to President Rodrigo Duterte on war on drugs.

According to Estrada, the country was close to being a ‘narco state’ if Duterte didn’t have any intervention to curb drugs.

“No one but the president Duterte could have made the changes in the country and we should all realize that it is a tough job,” Erap added.

The Manila City Mayor urged the Filipno people to be supportive and cooperative with the government instead of bashing the president.

Earlier in December 2016, Joseph said the same thing to GMA News that it is very dangerous for our country to be  a narco state.

Erap brought the non-profit US initiative Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) to the country in 1993 and serves as the chairman to this present date.

[Source: GMA Network]