Mocha Uson enumerates reason why the Filipino People hate VP Robredo

Mocha Uson said the Filipino people has a lot of reason why they hate Vice President Leni Robredo in her column published under Philippine Star on January 17.

Uson emphasized it's clear why Filipinos have come to realize this and led to the drop in her satistaction rating in the last SWS survey.

According to the blogger, the first reason why people hate her is because of her ambition to become the President of the country

"We keep on hearing her say that she's not interested in becoming the president to deflect notions that they are working to oust President Duterte but haven't we heard her say something like this before?" she said.

Uson related this to Robredo's statement before the May 2016 elections that she has no plans in running for the Vice Presidency under the liberal party but she eventually said yes and even won against ex Senator Bong Bong Marcos.

Another reason according to Mocha is her hypocrisy because she always put herself on the safe side of the story.

"She publicly states her opposition to the policies of the President under the guise of fighting for what is right and fighting for the people but she is alarmingly quiet when it comes to the sins of her party mates," Mocha stressed.

The blogger also said it's her will to become the LP's puppet why people discredit het. Uson believes there are people behind her who pull the strings for Robredo to move.

She further explained that her attitude during the Typhoon Nina has something to do with her low ratings.

"What's funny is that the fact remains that while she was in another country for her vacation, Pres. Duterte, DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo and other people were here working and taking care of her town and the Filipinod affected by the typhoon," Mocha said saying the VP's reaction on slow delivery of basic needs to the typhoon victims.

At the end of her article, Mocha stood firmly that Robredo isn't fit to hold a public office.

"I believe that she is not fit to be the next president."

[Source: Philstar | Mocha Uson]