Mocha Uson says 2017 is the year of ordinary Filipinos

Advent supporter of the Duterte administration Mocha Uson stressed this 2017 will be a the year of ordinary Filipinos in her column published under Hot Seat of the Philippine Star, Jauary 3.

The blogger said the spirit of Christmas is not yet over as President Rodrigo Duterte’s programs are on going and continuously operating to help the less fortunate.

One of the mentioned programs is the Duterte’s Kitchen wherein USon described it as a soup kitchen which aims to give free food to Filipinos especially children in the streets.

“When it comes to the people and children relying on the soup kitchen, you will feel the relief that they feel because they don’t have to worry about whether they will be eating today or not. We are all familiar with the “rugby boys” which refers to street children who are inhaling “rugby” or solvent in order to escape the hunger that they feel. By putting up establishments like Duterte’s Kitchen, their regular meals are secured and they are kept away from the possible health dangers of inhaling solvents,” she exclaimed.

She also added that the first branch of Duterte’s kitchen is now situated at Cubao while Pasay and Manila will also open the soonest.

“I would like to encourage more people to volunteer or donate food or groceries so that they will be able to feed more people living on the strets,” Mocha challenged the people.

According to Uson, she portrays the Duterte’s kitchen as a symbol of hope for the children, and as a light to help these less fortunate to be able to survive everyday of their lives.

“My wish this 2017 is for our government to continue to serve and protect the interest of ordinary Filipinos and we can only achieve this if this government is governed by the ordinary Filipinos and not by the oligarchs,” Uson said in her statement.

[Source: Philstar]