Mocha Uson says mainstream media bears a specific color

Newly appointed MTRCB board member Mocha Uson slams once again the mainstream media for giving favor to the opposition on his Facebook status published January 7.

The avid supporter of Duterte claimed the mainstream media is bias when it comes to delivering news.

"Matanong lang, paano kaya kung imbes na #LeniLeaks ay #DuterteLeaks ang meron, pagpipiyestahan na kaya ito ng media?" Uson said.

Mocha was also confuse because the mainstream media only share the things that would damage Duterte and not the things which build him up.

"Tila may kulay talaga ang ilang mainstream media," she emphasized.

This post of Uson was agreed by many. One of them is Dandreh Zagada who said it's absolute for the mainstream media to report bad things about Duterte because the current administration couldn't afford to bribe them.

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Luningning Panaligan on the other hand that it's not only the color that mainstream media bear. "Totoong presstitutes sila at bayarang media. Honesty comes cheap these days," she said in her comment.

The said post reached 10000 reactions.