Mocha Uson to PNP dela Rosa controversy: The call for the resignation of the Chief is not the solution

Staunch Duterte supporter Mocha Uson said it’s too much for Philippine National Police Chief  General Ronald Bato dela Rosa to resign over a controversy the PNP has been tagged to in her column Hotspot.

In her article published January 24, Uson said she’s bothered the pro-Yellow groups uses the mainstream media to discredit the PNP chief and the Duterte administration.

“It’s as if this problem didn’t exist a decade ago. Why is it that issues in the PNP before were treated as normal and usual news, and yet this time, they made the issue seem so scandalous that they want the PNP Chief to resign immediately instead of encouraging him to clean up the police force so that things like this won’t happen again in the time of the next administration,” Mocha said.

Mocha emphasized if the real motive of the yellow is to clean PNP, the call for resignation is too much.

She also defended him saying that Bato is passionate in his service as PNP chief.

“In his appearance in several Senate hearings, we have seen his passion for his work; we have felt his love for the country and the PNP, together with his desire to change it for the better; and we have shared his anger towards criminals and police who are involved in illegal activities. So, unless someone else is presented who is more trustworthy and better suited for the job, my choice to head the PNP would still be Gen. Bato,” Uson added.

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Uson also mentioned that Se. Miguel Zubiri also defended Bato saying “Sa tingin ko, ikaw na lang ang pinagkakatiwalaan ko. Ikaw na lang talaga ang pag-asa namin, ng taong bayan, because we believe in you.”

[Source: Philstar]