MUST WATCH! Pinky Webb defends President Duterte from international media

Despite the good performance of our President, he continues to gain criticisms from different media personalities not just inside the country but also in the outside of it.

Pinky Webb defended President Rodrigo Duterte in a CNN session with a CNN reporter about the president's war on drugs.

In the said video, the CNN reporter asked Webb about her stand on the alleged extrajudicial killings taking more than 6000 lives.

"The President was angered with the criticisms he received regarding his war on drugs. However, when Donald Trump won, he was softened by it. Actually Duterte said that he has the same mouth with Trump just that the American President's mouth is in English while Duterte has it in Filipino," Webb said.

She also added that the Philippine Government is now studying how the Visiting Forces Agreement with the US can be ammended.

Webb received applause from Filipino Netizens not just for defending the President but also telling the truth.

Watch The Video: