Palace urges VP Robredo to convince public #LeniLeaks is fake

The Malacañang Palace announced a probe will be conducted for Vice President Leni Robredo to convince the public that #LeniLeaks is not true on Sunday, January 8.

Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Assistant Secretary Ana Marie Banaag said this after VP Robredo cleared her name to the public for assurance that she has nothing to do with the plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

In an interview with Radyo ng Bayan, Banaag said the Palace will respect whatever the VP would claim and it’s up to her if there are photos or emails or leaks that came out.

"Then it’s up to her to convince the public if it is true that she has nothing to do with, or she is not coordinating with other groups in the US or other personalities in the Philippines about that," she added.

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The hashtag #LeniLeaks has been taking over the different social platforms especially on Twitter with the allegations that the Office of the Vice President is part of the well-structured and well-funded plan to remove President Duterte from his seat as well as the defeat of VP candidate Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos.

[Source: Interaksyon]