Petition to rename NAIA to its original name MIA, viral online

A petition to rename Ninoy Aquino International Airport to its original name Manila International Airport went viral online with a hashtag #BringBackMia on Facebook.

In a post published by Vivian Velez, she shared the content of the petition which came from Atty. Lorenzo G. Gadon.

According to the petition, it is not right to name the international airport after Ninoy Aquino because he was a traitor to his own country and this act from his wife Cory Aquino was self-serving motive to uplift one’s image.

“When the Manila airport was turned over by the Americans to the Philippine government, in 1948.  After the completion of the present runways in 1961, it was named the Manila International Airport, and carried that name ever since.  But in 1987, during the term of Cory Aquino, MIA was renamed after her late husband. This was done well in advance of the 10-year prescription period for naming public sites after dead personalities.  The height of a self serving motive to uplift one’s image for political perpetuity, brainwashing and indoctrination.,” the petition stated.

It also stated that Ninoy had three malfeasances which he must be held accountable. These are the Jabidah massacre, reestablishment of local communist party and guerrilla army under Maoist Control, and Plaza Miranda bombing.

“Let us look both to the past and the future. The name NAIA is also confusing and does not lead to a recognition and identity of the country it represents. And looking into the story why it was renamed Aquino one would always be reminded of its image as a place of political upheaval, murder, and a perception of a destabilized country with pervading social unrest and divisiveness among its people,” the petition added.

The #BringBackMia project is now accessible at You can sign the petition here.