Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte to Sen. De Lima: You are the killer, not my brother

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte blasted on Sen. Leila De Lima regarding her negative comments against his brother’s war on drugs on her Facebook post, January 2.

Roa Duterte exclaimed that Sen. De Lima is one of the biggest drug Lord in the country yet blames his brother President Rodrigo Duterte as the mind of all extra judicial killings.

“Ms. Delima " who is killing who " you are suspected and investigated as one of the biggest drug lord in this country!...there are millions addicted to drugs. You are the one who is doing the killings!” Jocellyn said.

According to the presidential sister, a drug addict has a little hope to survive from the addiction.

“When I look at you, I will not be surprised if you yourself is one!
 I have seen a lot of families, friends, and mostly among the youth what drugs has done to them. They are living dead, their minds and bodies literally dies,” she added.

At the end of her post, Jocellyn emphasized that De Lima is the real killer and not his brother Rodrigo Duterte.

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“You are a lawyer and a senator at that, so, it would not be easy to convict you! But mind you, you are the one who is the killer, not Duterte... DRUG KILLS!” she remarked.