Pro Duterte defends Mocha Uson on MTRCB appointment

Change has come as common Filipino people are getting positions in the cabinet under the Duterte Administration. One of them is Mocha Uson who gained a lot of criticism from people.

A pro Duterte said Mocha Uson has the passion to serve the country as she has been showing her support for President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a Facebook status posted by Pompee La Viña, he said he is proud of Mocha on what she became.

“You can say what you want about MOCHA USON, but I'm mighty proud to have her as a friend and ally. For the record, I have not seen any of her past movies or videos and quite frankly, that wouldn't change my opinion of her one bit.,” Pompee added.

According to him, Mocha might have enjoyed her voluntary deeds during the campaign period with her fellow Mocha Girls.

“In any case, it's her passionate defense of the President and love for country and our people that make her a jewel to my eyes,” the supporter further said.

Some netizens agreed to Pompee as Marie Belen Santos commented “My kind of woman! Empowered, business savvy,comfortable in her body, and a "I don't give a f#^k" attitude. Sounds like me!”

Meanwhile, Mark Montenegro said it doesn’t matter about her past, and people shouldn’t judge her profession.

“I admire Mocha because her love for our country really shows compared to the jaundiced group claiming their patriotism but their actions show otherwise,” Ethel Ronquillo-Sayson added.