Sass Sassot shares how she found out #LeniLeaks

Avid Duterte administration supporter Sass Sassot deciphered how she found out the viral #LeakLeni using her Facebook account.

According to the political analyst, she found out everything last Wednesday, January 4, 2017 thru her yahoo mail.

In a screen captured photo she uploaded, it was Vilma, not her real name who told Sass everything.

"Sabi sa akin ni Vilma eh nahanap daw niya ang Yahoo groups nila Loida at ang nakita niya doon ay sila pala ang nagbayad ng whole page ad noong last November" Sass narrated.

Vilma said in their conversation that this confession is for public consumption and the leak would lead to clues about their plans oppossing Duterte administration.

"If ma expose mo yan Sass sana hindi halata na from Imelda Lewis, sayang public pa yung page nila. So yung real bots na nakikita ko sa Twitter ay paid by OVP nakakaloka, taxpayers money pa," Vilma continued her confession.

According to the informant, the leak could be searched thru Google.

"Ang member nang gropo nila ay sina Loida Lewis, Imelda Lewis, Ted Lagutan the inquirer writer who called Duterte as Rodolfo, another inquirer writer named Rodel Rodis and Mila Aguilar," Vilma added.

At this moment, the said post of Sassot accumulated 2600 shares and 9100 reactions from netizens.