TP slams VP Robredo's Daughter: TP is not news site, it's a collection of well-researched observations

Anonymous blogger Thinking Pinoy  (TP) blasted VP Robredo's daughter regarding her comment on one of the posts published in the said site.

In a screen-captured image uploaded by TP, Aika Robredo commented "Thinking Pinoy and Get Real Philippines!" on a post but later on she edited it removing the exclamation point.

TP addressed this comment including the VP daughter using three main points.

"Thinking Pinoy derives his premises from two sources: 1. Websites that are generally regarded as reputable and 2. Things that are generally regarded as too obvious to even warrant citations," TP said regarding allegations that this blog is completely made up.

TP further said Aika came from Ateneo which makes her well versed in Logic however, she doesn't seem to since she can't figure out what's inside his blog.

"TP does not provide first hand information, so that dubious premises are best verified by contacting TPs sources,whose contact information can be obtained," TP added when he cleared out things about his blog's anonymity and unreachability.

TP said he prefer to be anonymous because his vision is to provide essential information and not to gain recognition.

"You know, I have the option to sue you libel or please, for your own sake, cite one instance. Kahit isa lang madam," the blogger slammed Aika for making TP looks like a black propagandist.

At the end of his post, TP asked Aika if what angle does he look like to become an Inquirer wannabe.

"Alam mo Aika, may sinabi si Gloria Steinem dati na akmang-akma sa kalagayan mo: The truth will set you free but first, it will piss you off. Diyos ko Aika, natuto akong tingalain ang tatay mo tapos heto ka, nagkakaganyan?" TP's parting message to the VP daughter.

[Source: Thinking Pinoy]