WATCH: Asian magazine declares Duterte as Person of the Year

A magazine in Hongkong recognized President Rodrigo Duterte as the Person of the Year said News 5 on January 2.

Yazou Zhu Kuan, the magazine which featured Duterte exclaimed he is deserving to be called such because of his great influence and power to balance the happenings in our country Philippines.

The magazine also emphasized that Duterte is a pioneer of promoting strong relations and ties with different countries outside his motherland.

This news accumulated different reactions from netizens.

According to Mico Mabitasan, perhaps other countries appreciate more Duterte since they used their media to uplift him unlike the mainstream media in our country which destroys him.

On the other hand, Crustum Antonius said Duterte is a respectable and effective leader, so we people should give our 100% support to him.

“Sampal sa mga Media! Lalo na chanel 7, GMA laging isinasaksak sa utak ng mga pilipino na sila ang No.1 Talaga kayo ang no.1 lalo na sa mga tahi2ing ni uulat sa buong kung mag interview sa mga dnila kapartido parang nililitis ang mga guests parang mga judges. Lalo si Jesica at winnie monsod. Mga walang galang!!” said Floring Revilla.

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[Source: News 5]