WATCH: Ex-President PNoy Aquino might have a mental disorder

A Philippine Star columnist testified the truth behind the alleged mental illness of former President Ninoy “PNoy” Aquino III in a video uploaded under Facebook Page Rody Duterte Ang Aking Presidente.

Carmen Pedrosa of Philippine Star said in the video the media tried to conceal it during the campaign period of 2010 Presidential Election.

“Gusto kong lumabas ang katotohanan. Ayaw nilang palabasin na talagang may problema si Noynoy Aquino sa pag-iisip. Isang kaibigan na doctor (Steve Aguilar)  ni Ninoy ang kinunsulta niya para tignan si Noynoy,” Pedrosa said in the video.

Carmen also narrated when PNoy was studying in Ateneo de Manila University, Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder were manifested in his behavior.

“Kumakain siya ng halo-halo at binuga niya ng bigla-bigla sa kanyang kaibigan,” she added.

Pedrosa isn’t an anti-Aquino and as a matter of fact, together with her husband, they are both leaders of Ninoy Aquino International Movement.

Watch The Video:

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Pedrosa clarified that her source has no reason to invent a story. “She is a private person who received information she feels must be told. She is connecting a story many years ago when Noynoy was a young boy in Boston, not a presidential candidate but as the well-loved only son of a father frustrated that he will not be able to carry on with his legacy.”