WATCH: YAMASHITA TREASURES has been found! PHILIPPINES is the wealthiest nation on earth

A video featuring a group of men inside a cave who are allegedly conducting treasure hunting goes viral all over a social media platform.

The said video was uploaded in a Facebook page named 'Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel Marcos The Best President' on January 3.

The three men are currently doing excavation and treasure hunting with hopes to retrive country's wealth.

In the said video, it was also featured that this group had found a large chunk of gold in a cave.

One of the three men is cleaning the gold bars while the two others are holding a flashlight to provide lighting inside the treasure site.

"Hawak at linis lang, mag ingat kase yung mga boma," the alleged leader instructed the group.

One of the netizens said that this is a proof that our country is wealthy.

On the other hand, this video fell back to the Marcos illgotten wealth issue.

A netizen named Patrick Solomon said "sa palagay ko s treasure Lang tlga yumaman ang Marcos dakhil kakalayas kng ng hapon bago sya na upo at wala syang ninakaw s Cavan ng bayan at Jan tulo ang laway ng mga aquino" in his comment in the said video.

Meanwhile, Jeric Om said that this is a fact. He supported his stand by telling a story happened before the Japanese Military went out of the country.

'The Japanese soldiers left these treasures in our caves in Visayas and Mindanao,' Om added.

Watch The Video:

The said video gained 12000 reactions.