WATCH: Japan Prime Minister Abe visits Duterte's abode

Japan Primi Minister Shinzu Abe went to President Rodrigo Duterte's humble abode at Doña Luisa Subdivision, Davao City on January 13.

In a video uploaded by Tek Ocampo, the convoy of the President together with Prime Minister Abe was featured.

The town's people approached Abe and a housewife took a photo with him.

This gesture of the PM was interpreted by the netizens who commented on the video as 'humility.'

One alao said that the relationship of the two leaders isn't sealed with politics but more of friendship.

According to news the two leaders had breakfast at the Duterte's residence and offered the Japan PM durian.
Watch The Video:

It's the first time in history that a leader from a neighboring country went to the residence of the current leader of the Philippines.