WATCH: Thinking Pinoy finally revealed his identity

One of the attention catching social media pages these days Thinking Pinoy unfolded himself in a live video on Facebook, January 12.

The man behind Thinking Pinoy showed his face after receiving criticisms from the opposition grouos labeling him coward because of his anonimity.

TP opt not to reveal his true name but he shared some facts of his life including his career as a proposal writer of a private international company.

"Ayaw ko kaseng magmukhang uhaw sa pansin. Ayokong maging kulang sa pansin," TP answered a question regarding the timeframe of revealing his identity.

TP also said he wants Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano to be the next president of the Philippines.

"Sobrang unpredictable ng political platform ng Pilipinas. Kaya mag focus muna tayo kung sino ang nasa administrasyon at sa pagpili ng susunod, i base natin siya sa kanilang mga performance," the blogger gave advice to his viewers.

TP has been lambasted by many especially the pro Yellow because of his blunt but well structured comments on the different issues in the government.  The said blogger is also known for his citations in his writings.

He received a lot of death threats from anonymous people because of his opinions.

TP has been a constant supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte since day one.

Watch The Video:

The said video served as an open forum to netizens and gained 7800 reactions.