WATCH: Youtube sensation reveals connection of #LeniLeaks and #LoidaLeaks to economy

A YouTube sensation shared his knowledge on the connection of Loidaleaks and LeniLeaks to the Philippine Economy.

Mr. Iyoh uploaded a video on YouTube discussing the reason behind the fluctuating peso value agains dollar rate pointing out that our GDP reached 7.1 percent on the 3rd quarter of year 2016.

"Malakas kase ang kapit ni Loida Demoñita Lewis sa mga Jewish Banker. Kaya patuloy ang pagbagsak ng piso kontra dolyar," Mr. Iyoh said.

Iyoh added that the only time peso fluctuates are during the time  of war or chaos wherein fact, our country is peaceful.

"Siguro ginawa nilang reason yung war on drugs. Ang mainstream media ang kasama nila sa pag exagerate ng meaning ng war on drugs at extra judicial killings," Iyoh further emphasized.

The youtube sensation remarked that Lewis and the rest of the party are poison to the minds of the Filipino people.

"Isa po itong propaganda ng mga tae este mga tao na gustong pabagsakin ang gobyerno to create hatred against Duterte Administration," Iyoh said.

Watch The Video:

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