Whole COMELEC database available in Torrent and Malacañang ‘seeding’ it?

Hackers allegedly stole COMELEC voters database which makes it accessible online last Wednesday.

The database is now available thru the popular downloading site Torrent.

Cyber crime lawyer Marnie Tonson posted a photo on Twitter which shows the number of seeders in Torrent.

"Now who's the idiot from Malacañang seeding the internet with  the private information of registered voters from the #COMELEAK large-scale data breach?" Tonson emphasized.

According to source, the original post on social media was from Pierre Tito Galla of Democracy.Net.ph using his twitter handle @jesterinexile.

While this is a rage issue, Presidential  Communications Secretary Coloma said the Palace that they are now looking to this matter.

[Source: Interaksyon]