Duterte youth members receive 'Republic Defender' pin after Paredes confrontation

Solicitor General Jose Calido awarded Duterte Youth members with Republic Defender Pin on February 27 after their controversial enocounter with veteran singer Jim Paredes during the EDSA Anniversary last Febryary 25.

Image from ABS-CBN News

The group was commended by Calida and remarked they were 'aggrived' after what Paredes did.

Ronald Gian Cardema, Duterte Youth leader and Duterte fan said they brought courage as they attended the EDSA commemoration.

"Tinatagan namin ang loob namin kahit kaunti kami, kase we're here to show support to the president of the land," one of the members said.

A confrontation took place between Paredes and the group during the EDSA 31st anniversary.

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Alongside with this was the tweet of Paredes saying he had an enjoyable confrontation to shut them up.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]