Here's why Duterte prefers to be called as Mayor rather than President

President Rodrigo Duterte reitirated to the public to call him "mayor" even he is now holding the highest postion in the country.

In his speech on Wednesday during the National Housing Authority Summit, Duterte said he prefers to be called as mayor since his position in Davao City for two years is memorable for him.

"I prefer to be addressed as mayor because mas sanay na ako for 23 years. And besides, hindi ko masyado type yang Presidente, Presidente," he said.

Duterte further explained he prefers mayor so that if he could be at fault, people will only say "he's just a mayor, anyway."

"The higher you address yourself, pagka pumalpak ka, malakas ang putok niyan, I can always go to you and say: Alam mo pasensya na po kayo, Mayor lang talaga ako," Duterte burst in laughters.