LOOK: 3 sea creatures that might be a sign of upcoming disaster goes viral

Maybe it's a sign of unusual things that are coming. This became the reaction of netizens after the appearance of three sea creaturea within the shore of the Philippine coastal areas alongside with the earthquake happened in Surigao.

A netizen named Miggy Mori Jr. from Surigao uploaded a post featuring the Trunko (Globster) which has been found in Dinagat Island, the oarfish in Carmen, Agusan Del Norte, and sunfish which are all living in the deepest and middle part of the ocean respectively.

"The three sea creatures that were found anywhere in the Philippines. Bakit sila naglalabasan? Some native people said it's a sign of ununusal things coming. Creepy," Mori said in his caption.

Up to date there are already 13 oarfish found in the coastlines of the country. In the Japanese folklore, this creature indicates a great disaster coming. When tsunami happened in Japan last 2012, almost 20 oarfish appeared in their area on December 2011.