LOOK: Kris Aquino responds to basher who called her 'abnormal' in her Instagram account

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino responded to her bashers on her  Instagram post. One of them called her abnormal because of her alleged come back relationship with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

A netizen with a username @carlaren_0809 who called Aquino as abnormal including her son and brother ex President  PNoy Aquino suddenly changed her username after Kris answered her.

Aside from calling her abnormal, the basher also judged Kris' past saying"ay naku Kris kong ako magpitak ka ng bugok na itlog utak mo tutal abnormal ka naman gaya ng kapatid at anak mong mga abnormal. Puro dasal dasal pang nalalaman ang TULO ni kris na to."

Kris didn't give a second thought and answered the basher "@carlaren_0809 you must care about us so much to write 2 paragraphs about us. The problem is everything you accuse ne of I never hid in fact I had the courage to acknowledge publicly, apologized for and I made my oeace with my Lord and Savior. Bash me more, every time you do- God's justice is at work.

Kris also addressed another basher saying "I don't know you so malabong may atraso ako sayo. If it's my existence that bothers you- 1 perfect solution, IGNORE ME.

Amidst these bashers, there are still people who supports Kris Aquino.

[Source: GMA News, PEP.ph]