Mocha Uson: EDSA commemoration turned into an anti-Duterte protest

MTRCB board member and columnist Mocha Uson exclaimed the EDSA commemoration seemed to be an anti-Duterte protest in her article published under the Philippine Star of February 28.

In her article, the avid Duterte supporter emphasized the first people power manifested the Filipino people when united, they could send a strong message for themselves, however, the 31st anniversary was the opposite since ey tried to use the event to present President Duterte as the next Marcos. They were there to send a message that there is a threat to our democracy without any consideration to the fact that the President has protected and still protects their right to protest even if the rallies they organized are against Duterte.

“It seems that the EDSA commemoration turned into an anti-Duterte protest. They can deny all they want, but with all the recent attacks against the President, the call for the presence of the people at the EDSA “commemoration” and the use of the Catholic church just like before, it also appears that they intended it to be more than just recalling the revolution 31 years ago. I, for one, believe that their intention was also to celebrate their return to power if they had succeeded. Their plan, of course, failed because they didn’t have the most important ingredient. They lacked something that was vital to the first EDSA revolution: The support of the Filipino people,” Mocha said.

On the other hand, Mocha also said the pro-Dutertes are greater in number rather than the opposition.

“To make it more simple, the message of the Filipino people to these yellow politicians is this: We don’t trust you, we don’t support you, and we will no longer be puppets that you can use for your own agenda and selfish ambitions; it is now the time for the Filipino people,” she added.

Mocha exclaimed at the end of her article that the yellowtards’ time is already done, and it is now the time fpr the Filipino people to have a better Philippines.

[Source: Philstar | Mocha Uson]