MUST WATCH! Mocha Uson: I will resign as MTRCB Board

MTRCB board member, Mocha Uson emphasized she will step down in her position if she couldn't fulfill her goal to eliminate soft porn in the Philippine Television.

In a live video published on February 18, Uson criticized ABS-CBN for airing the pilot episode of The Better Half and Ipaglaban mo wherein these shows have inappropriate scenes.

"Ang telebisyon po kase ay pang general audience. May SPG kase ginagamit ito ng mga TV Networks para mailusot ang mga malalaswang eksena," Uson added.

This Duterte supporter emohasized television networks are doing this to satisfy only their interest and not for the welfare of the public.

The blogger also said her vision before entering the MTRCB is to eliminate soft porn but if she wouldn't be able to fulfill it, she will not hesitate to step down from her position.

"Hindi po ako kapit tuko sa posisyon na to. Ngayon kung hindi makikisama ang mga tao para sa pagbabago, magreresign ako pero I will still serve the countru voluntarily."

Mocha said she couldn't afford to receive her salary if she couldn't help to promote change in the country.

Watch the video: