MUST WATCH! Senyora slams Jim Paredes: Punyet* yan, punyet* yan

A trending Facebook page of Duterte supporters lambasted veteran singer Jim Paredes on his live video amidst his opinion on Duterte administration.

On February 25, the day of commemorating Edsa Revolution, Jim Paredes slammed President Rodrigo Duterte and pointing about his shortcomings and responsibility on the killings in the country.

New "Senyora" Facebook page (admin) answered him back with anger saying he's trying to hold his temper.

"Kinakalma ko sarili ko kase ayaw kong mag mura Punyeta yan, punyeta yan," the senyora facebook page administrator said in the live video pointing out Paredes.

According to this guy, he's been wanting to slam Paredes for long now because of his non sense opinion towards Duterte including his supporters.

"Dinuduro-duro ang mga supporters ni Duterte, akala mo kung sino. Sinasabi pa nya na si Duterte daw ang responsable sa mahigit 10000 killings. Ano klaseng tanong yan, katangahan yan di ba," he added.

At the end of his post, he thanked all the viewers and encouraged all Duterte supporters to be firm and believe in the administration.