Netizen to Robredo: Be accountable for your actions and decisions

A netizen under a Facebook page slammed Vice President Leni Robredo regarding her statement that anyone who critics her is a “troll.”

Mamshies, the Facebook page which published the post on February 6 explained the big difference between a troll and critic.

“A troll deliberately attacks you without a basis. Call you names, curses you, and aligns you without reason. A critic, on the other hand calls you out for errors you have done. Attacks your actions not you as a person. Point out your flaws in handling situations,” Mamshies quoted.

The facebook page emphasized that a troll trolls for no reasons while a critic criticizes for your decisions.

“Mam Leni, learn how to distuingish a troll from a critic. Be accountable for your actions and decisions,” the netizen advised to Roredo.

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At the end of her post, she reminded that a public servant is being eyed regarding her performance and actions.

[Source: Mamshies Facebook Page]