Pacquiao says drug traffickers deserve death penalty

Senator Manny Pacquiao defended the urgency of bringing back the death penalty to be charged against drug trafficking on February 7.

During the first public hearing of the committee on justice and human rights regarding the proposed death penalty bills, the senator said “drug traffickers deserve death penalty.”

"We need to take a firm stand against drug traffickers. On a personal level, I can forgive. However, the heinous crime of drug trafficking is committed not just against a person, but against the nation. Drug traffickers deserve death penalty,” Pacquiao said.

Pacquaio added the senate committee should tackle separately the seven bills touching the revival of death penalty.

Pacquiao is the author of three death penalty bills on certain heinous crimes involving dangerous drugs, on kidnapping, and on aggravated rape.

“Kailangan na nating magpasa ng batas na pupugsa, punto-pot-punto, sa lumalala pa rin nating problema sa droga. There is now a need to enact a measure that will decisively repress drug trafficking,” Pacquiao added.

The senator added we cannot ignore the immensity of the drug problem in our country and there is a need to take a firm stand against drug traffickers.

[Source: GMA Network]