Petition to rename NAIA to MIA, now in Kamara

The petition to rename Ninoy Aquino International Airport to its original name Manila International Airport is expected to be tackled in the House of Representatives this month February.

According to Atty. Larry Godon, the author of the petition said that it already reached 9 million signatures online thru the social media.

"The petition has already reached 9 million in social media using just one facebook page," he said.

Godon also added his group coordinated it to some congressmen.

"Marami na rin kaming nakausap na congressman kaugnay rito at sang ayon naman sila sa petisyon at kanila itong susuportahan," Larry added.

The said lawyer also cited some instances that the airport shouldn't be named after Ninoy Aquino because he's a traitor to his nation.

Watch The Video Below:

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