Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte to Jim Paredes: Tumatanda po kayo ng paurong

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte slammed veteran singer regarding his attitude during the EDSA Revolution anniversary.

Using her Facebook post, Jocellyn said she met him years ago during the Apo days and actually a relative of her late husband.

“Being a celebrity he always carried an air of self importance bordering on arrogance,” Duterte added.

According to her, Paredes didn’t change at all. “This man would never learn the virtue of humility, much less his egoistic tendencies that he has the monopoly of what is right and wrong, and a sense of self importance. I ME MYSELF.”

Jocellyn also emphasized that Paredes is not improving at all.

“Mr. Paredes tumatanda po kayo ng paurong,” she concluded.

Jocellyn Duterte's full Facebook post