REVEALED! MUST WACH: Roxas’ former representative who actually paid trolls for him

President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporter Krizette Laureta Chu said a PR guy admitted on a TV Channel that he pays trolls and works for Mar Roxas.

Chu made her Facebook statement after issues came out that Duterte pays troll.

“Every time someone comments that Duterte pays trolls, paste this photo on their wall. This is the PR guy who admitted on the Channel News 4 video that he pays trolls, sitting beside this creature who looks like a troll,” the writer said pointing to a picture.

Together with her post, Chu uploaded a photo of Arman Dean Nocum with Mar Roxas who was a former representative of the ex DILG Secretary.

According to Chu, the former representative said he pays networks of trolls across the Philippines.

Below is the full post of Krizette Chu