Sara Duterte says she will give away P121M if Trillanes can show where it is, prove it’s illegal

Davao City Mayor and Presidential Daughter Sara Duterte said she will give the alleged P121 million to the public if Senator Antonio Trillanes IV can show where the money is and if he can prove that it is illegal on February 17.

“if Trillanes can show where my alleged 121M is right now and how it became illegal, kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat,” Sara said in a statement.

Earlier, Trillanes brought up an issue regarding the President Rodrigo Duterte’s bank account which amounts to P2 billion, in an attempt to argue that the President is not poor.

The senator also released details of the alleged bank accounts of Duterte’s family.

A list of bank accounts named under the president’s children---Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte with P104 million, Sara with P121 million, and Sebastian Duterte with P143 million.

“Wala akong pstura labas sa kung ano ang nakikita ng lahat. I never pretended to be what I am not,” Sara exclaimed.

She added the press statement of Trillianes and the challenge to answer the allegations was addressed to the President himself and advised the people to wait for him if he wants to go deeper in the issue.

Trillianes also claimed that Duterte’s common-law wife Cielito “Honeylet” Salvador Avanceña possess P188 million  as well as Samuel Cang Uy, one of his campaign donors has p118 million in their respective bank accounts.

Trillianes’ revival of the old issue according to Malacañang is a part of the noise of political landscape.

[Source: GMA News]