MUST READ! Sass Sasot writes an open letter to Andanar

Avid Duterte administration supporter Sass Rogando Sassot wrote an open letter addressed to Secretary Martin Andanar on the accreditation of political bloggers by the Malacañang using her Facebook account on February 3.

In the said letter, Sasot opened her argument emphasizing fashion bloggers were able to change the world of fashion for the better and she think it is also applicable for political bloggers.

“Political bloggers will do the same to politics. Politics is the noble activity through which the PEOPLE fight out, negotiate, and reconcile their competing interests. Politics must be made closer to the people. Political bloggers do that. Like fashion bloggers they engage better with people because they speak their language. Political bloggers speak their minds, connect better with the people that politicians must serve, and enliven political debate by pushing boundaries and making democracy accessible to everyone,” Sass said in her letter.

The political analyst also gave some hints to Secretary Andanar with regards to the standards for a political blogger to be accredited using Article 19 of an international NGO based in London which advocates freedom of expression.

“Regarding standards. May I recommend that the bloggers you would accredit must have policy on "right of reply." Right of reply is the right of people to defend themselves against criticisms in the same platform where they were criticise. This policy would serve as check-and-balance against excesses of bloggers in their critique of people in their blogs. Rappler doesn't have a right of reply policy at all,” Sass concluded her post.

As to this writing, the said open letter reached 1000 reactions and 71 shares.