WATCH: Hundreds of 'scallawag' policemen, reassigned to Basilan

Scallawag members of the Philippine National Police will be sent to Basilan to serve as their punishment for their wrong doings.

In a news aired by MBC, President Rodrigo Duterte decided to send these policemen in Basilan since there is not enough manpower in Basilan because of the unending chaos.

"Kulang ang pulis sa Basilan kaya marapat lamang na doon sila. Maya't maya pinapasabog ang istasyon doon. Ubos ang mga pulis," Duterte emphasized.

He said if these policemen will be able to survive two years staying in Basilan, he will order the PNP to bring them back in Metro Manila. However, if they will die, he will just let them be buried there.

Watch the video below