WATCH: President Rodrigo Duterte challenges Sen. Trillianes: If you can prove, I will resign immediately

President Rodrigo Duterte made his statement to answer the allegations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes regarding the president's family wealth on February 16.

Duterte gave a three minute official public statement which was aired in PTV.

According to Duterte, he will resign immediately once Trillanes can prove that he has 2billion pesos in his bank account.

"He actually has no political career after his term, that's why he's doing this," Duterte said on a point.

The president also challenged him saying "I would advice Trillanes to go to the court to file a proper case against me, and stop opening his mouth of he has nothing to say anyway."

Digong also narrated her common law wife Honeylet Avanceña has a Donut Business which started 18 years ago and also supplies meat in five malls within Davao City while his daughter Mayor Sarah Duterte is a lawyer and she's being paid for her services.

"Nakakahiya ka sa totoo lang. Ang tatay ko noon ay governor, hindi kami mahirap. Ikaw anong naiwan sayo? Puro hangin lang," Duterte concluded.

Watch the video:

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